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Steve Mullen formed Foresee Consulting Inc. in 2004. He has received national recognition for his innovative use of computer technology in the public planning process. With a focus on integrating public values from community planning efforts into computer based models, Mr. Mullen received seven national ASLA awards and numerous local and regional awards for innovation. From the late 1990’s, Steve has assisted the Orton Family Foundation with the development of CommunityViz. Using the software for complex community and regional planning helped to refine its functionality to meet the demanding performance requirements of real world projects. Mr. Mullen has been a Principal and Senior Consultant with CommunityViz combining consulting services with software offerings. His resume of successful utilization of this innovative software provides the most credible examples to date of how “Decision Support Tools” can truly make a significant contribution to public planning efforts.

Since receiving his MLA from the University of Oregon in 1988 he has been a practicing Landscape Architect. Steve is an active member of the Land Trust Alliance, American Planning Association, Congress for New Urbanism, Tools for Community Design and Decision Making, American Society of Landscape Architects, Colorado Advisory Committee for Active Living and the International Sustainability Indicators Network. Mr. Mullen is now President of Foresee Consulting, Inc. located in Colorado, Montana and North Dakota.